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Acupuncture is a service provided by the VP3 program.

The Veterans Choice Program

provides acupuncture, at no cost to veterans. If you are in the program you can call the veterans assistance number and 

have them schedule your appointment with me.

Cathlena Guadagnino LAc.

I have been treating Veterans and helping them with 

-Pain Management


-Overall Wellness.

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Acupuncture  $75.00

Acupuncture has been very effective for pain relief used for thousands of years. Acupuncture also treats many other ailments including insomnia, allergies,helps with immune support,  PTSD and much more. 1 hour session

Cupping $25,00

Cupping, made popular by Michael Phelps in the Olympics. This ancient practice is to increase blood flow and draw out inflammation in particular areas that have been injured or over used. 20 minute session. Can be added to any service.

Tui Na Massage with Hot Stones $45-$65.00

This appointment will include massage and the use of hot stones. 30-50 minutes available.

Acu-Massage  $85.00

This appointment is the best of both worlds. You will get 30 minutes massage followed by a 30 minute session of acupuncture.  

"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."

-John F. Kennedy

Every Donation Counts

We are dedicated to providing the utmost care to our patients. We receive patients with a wide range of pain and injuries. 

We have had the pleasure of treating our nations veterans for 2 years now, and counting! Our success rate is high and we will work hard to provide the utmost care and skill to each an every case.